High Potential Start-up Programme

The successful pilot High Potential Starts Programme (HPS) has now concluded. Continuity is being provided through an upgraded Accelerated Growth Programme.

The Impact HPS Pilot successfully worked with double the original target number of clients and helped to create more than 3 times the target number of jobs.

In an independent evaluation, the Impact HPS achieved 100% client satisfaction for the value added services provided.

We are proud of these achievements and really valued working with some great clients and advisers. 

The Welsh Government has launched a new business support service specifically aimed at start-up and early stage businesses with high growth potential.

Impact is delivering services under this programme and is seeking to identify early stage businesses (those making sales for less than three years) that can achieve sales of at least £750,000 within three years, create high value employment and who have export potential.

High potential early stage businesses, throughout Wales and from all industry sectors, are eligible to apply for the programme.

The key benefits to businesses are:

  1. Free support. Services provided under the High Potential Starts Programme are free to businesses and can be delivered for up to three years from January 2012 to December 2014. On average, each business will receive between 15 and 20 days per annum of support from an experienced business mentor and by way of access to specialist professional and technical advisers.
  2. Mentoring.Each business will be allocated a business mentor who will work closely with the management to help them achieve key milestones and avoid common failure traps. We have a retained group of experienced business mentors who have all run successful businesses. Alternatively we can consider using business mentors identified by the business or its investors.
  3. Professional and Technical Services. In addition we can contribute towards professional and technical fees. For example in the areas of Law, Intellectual Property, R&D, developing sales channels and marketing.
  4. Accessing Finance. As experienced corporate finance professionals, we have excellent links with investors inWales including Finance Wales and Xenos and have a proven track record in assisting early stage businesses to develop and fund a viable finance roadmap. Our extensive networks also include links to VCs across theUK.
  5. Accessing Welsh Government support. The programme will offer businesses a single point of contact for access to all Welsh Government sponsored support and assistance including grants, exporting, training and skills development and priority sector initiatives.
  6. Networking. Events and fora will be organised amongst businesses on the programme where ideas can be exchanged and good practice shared. Web based networking groups will also be available.

For further information please contact us.