Bespoke Training Packages

  • Delivery of retail focused training from customer service to selling skills.
  • Delivery of one-to-many training in the area of business finance.
  • Delivery of Leadership and Management training covering a variety of business sectors.

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Impact Innovation uses a long established network of business associates that act as mentors, advisors and trainers on our many varied programmes and projects. We have asked those with appropriate specialist experience in many different business related topics to share their existing presentation outlines. We are therefore able to offer all of the innovative and exciting courses below at competitive rates.
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Getting started.
Ideas creation and development:
The aim of this session is to provide participants with the tools to create and develop business ideas.

Lean start-up methodology:
This workshop will give delegates an understanding of the minimum viable product.

Getting the basics right.
This session will focus on financial statements and identify elements of the Revenue Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement and how the statements relate to each other.

Practical accounting:
This session will focus on practical accounting for start-up business covering budgeting, pricing, tax issues, legal requirements and allowable expenditure.

Developing viable business plans:
This session is aimed at helping participants to understand the key elements of a viable business plan, including value proposition and financials.

Goal setting:
This session gives participants the skills to set effective business and personal goals.

Setting up your business structure:
This covers the basics including gaining an understanding of the different business models and choosing the right structure (evaluating pros & cons). Information will also be provided with regard to Companies House and HMRC.

“It’s not what you know…”
The aim of this session is to give participants the skills to develop and deliver a successful business pitch for potential investors or securing funding.

This session should give participants an understanding of business networking and the skills to network effectively.

Getting the message across.
This session should cover essential marketing for start-ups, giving participants practical advice they can implement quickly.

Digital marketing:
This session will explore how to effectively use social media and digital marketing as a promotional tool in a start-up business.

Selling skills & techniques:
This session will go through a range of techniques to help participants secure their first client (and beyond), knowing how to handle objections, how to structure a conversation and how to write effectively to secure paid work.

Specific Business Types.
Skills to start a consultancy business:
This intensive 2-day training course will focus on value proposition, how to plan the business, how to prospect, win work and retain customers, financials, the consulting cycle, writing effective proposals and action planning to enable progression after the course.

Skills to start a freelance career in the creative industries:
This intensive 2 day training course will enable participants to identify their skills to become an effective freelancer, target market and understanding customers, business practicalities including finance, prospecting, winning and retaining customers also action planning to enable progression after the course.

Skills to start a social enterprise:
This course will help participants to understand the term “social enterprise” and how to effectively run a social venture. Content will focus on ideas creation to ideas development and viability. The practicalities of planning social ventures will be addressed and how to measure social impact.