Impact Innovation is a boutique, professional advisory firm, working with public and private sector clients to support business and economic growth through effective innovation and smart investment. Impact delivers across the UK and Europe, advising SMEs, managing business support programmes and working with Government on policy development and execution.

Many of the challenges faced by individual businesses and wider economies can be traced back to challenges and barriers in innovation and investment. Without effective innovation and adequate funding, many businesses struggle to stay competitive and there is a resulting and measurable impact on profitability, growth, GVA and productivity.

Innovation is not just about hard science, technology and research; more often it’s connected to incremental and persistent change which is constantly driving new and better ways to do things. That applies equally to the public and private sectors. Innovation is about R&D and intellectual property, but it can also be about process and business model innovation.

Without relentless innovation and smart funding; business, the public sector and the wider economy can stagnate. Competitive advantage is lost and productivity suffers. All innovation involves risk and the unknown, but without taking calculated and measured risks, the downsides actually increase. The bigger risk can be in not doing anything.

Impact has a core team of 30 employees and associates, all of whom have a proven track record of delivering results.